The Treehouse

The Treehouse is amongst Belfast’s hidden gems, a heated rooftop terrace on Upper Arthur Street, just a stone’s throw away from Belfast’s City Hall.


Nestled in the heart of Belfast City Centre, just moments away from the iconic Belfast City Hall, you’ll discover a dining experience like no other – welcome to The Treehouse. As Belfast’s premier rooftop restaurant, we invite you to savour the fusion of exceptional cuisine and laid-back rooftop dining that define our unique establishment.

Step away from the hustle of city life and ascend into an oasis of flavour and serenity, where every dish is a culinary adventure, and every visit is a cherished memory. At The Treehouse, we’re not just a restaurant but a destination. 

Whether you’re a local food lover or a travelling gourmand, make your journey to Belfast complete with a visit to The Treehouse. 

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